For those who can’t wait till you get home, our single serve “bambino” 125 ml cups in 5 flavours will transport you to an Italian gelataria in seconds.

Available in Ferrero gelato, Passionfruit sorbet, Strawberry sorbet, Vanilla gelato and Chocolate gelato. More flavours coming soon.

- Handmade fresh daily
- 50% lower in fat than standard ice cream
- Sorbets 99% fat free.


  • Ferrero gelato
  • Vanilla gelato
  • Chocolate gelato
  • Passionfruit sorbet
  • Strawberry sorbet
  • More flavours coming soon

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2012 Diary Industry Association of Australia National Competition

Silver Vanilla, Wildberry Yoghurt, Bacio, Macadamia, Ferrero, Cherry Ripe, White Chocolate and Coconut

2012 Sydney Royal Cheese and Produce Show

Silver Ferrero, White Chocolate and Coconut, Cherry Ripe

2007 Sydney Royal Cheese and Produce Show

Silver Chocolate, Bacio, Wildberry Yoghurt

2006 Perth Royal Show Dairy Products Competition

Silver White Choc & Coconut, Ferrero, Nougat, Choc Chilli


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