The Man Behind Every Scoop

My journey began in the south of Italy, near the coast. I fondly remember my summers at the beach with a gelato in hand.

After visiting Perth in 1984, I loved it so much that I decided to stay -the family joke is that I’m still on holiday! I wanted to share my favourite childhood treat with Australia and so in 1999 I opened the first Il Gelato scoop shop in Leederville.

My favourite flavour is nocciola’, what’s yours?
- Giovanni

The Man Behind Every Scoop
The Il Gelato Experience - Our secret to happiness

The Il Gelato Experience - Our secret to happiness

We all know gelato is different to ice cream. The way it's made (it's churned slowly), gives it a smooth and silky texture. It's so creamy, yet we use fresh milk and much less cream. It's all in the craft. What that means for you is that the intensity of the flavour is enhanced; it’s a flavour explosion from the first spoonful. We like the fact it contains a whole lot less fat, too.

It’s our mission to let everyone in on the secret.

Go on … create your unforgettable moment!

A brand you can rely on

As a first generation family business we live and breathe gelato. Our commitment from day one was to make the only the best gelato, and we stand by our promise to deliver an extraordinary product.

We make a point of sourcing the best local ingredients and as such our milk is from the fertile WA southwest region. But we do make an exception when it comes to our pastes, which we source from an Italian family business who have been making premium gelato pastes for over 70 years.

Never content to sit back on our laurels, our team
is always looking at pushing the boundaries.
We’re always on the look out for new
and exciting flavours.

Whether you’re the classic type who loves pistachio, or
the more adventurous who delights in a scoop or two of
Argentinian Salted Caramel, we’ve got you covered.

A brand you can rely on

As well as our famous gelato, our range also includes refreshing sorbets, frozen Greek yogurts, and adorable mini desserts and cakes.

We stand behind every product we make, guaranteeing you the freshest small batch gelato, hand made fresh daily.

Creamy Italian Gelato, Handmade by Italians

- Giovanni & Lisa (Co-Creators)

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