Piccolo Vanilla Milkshake

The Bambino & Piccolo Range

Piccolo Range

A popular milkshake choice, everyone’s favourite … vanilla bean gelato.

For the mint lover… theres nothing more refreshing than spearmint gelato

If fairy floss is your thing… you cant go past our cotton candy gelato.

When only a cookie will do… homestyle cookie gelato.

Need we say more… rich gooey chocolate gelato.

Bambino Range

Bambino Argentinian Salted Caramel

A rich salted caramel gelato with a swirl of caramel sauce.

Bambino Creamy Vanilla

Madagascan vanilla bean seeds blended through a creamy vanilla gelato.

Bambino Fresh Mint Choc Chip

Refreshing peppermint gelato with dark chocolate flecks.

Bambino Heavenly Choc Hazelnut

Think of your favourite ferrero rocher chocolate blended into a smooth gelato.

Bambino Sensational Strawberry

Creamy strawberry sorbet blended with vine ripened strawberries. You'll find it hard to believe it's vegan.

Bambino Blissful Black Cherry

Classic milk gelato with a swirl of Morello cherry jam.

Bambino Sweet Choc Cookies

Shortbread cookie gelato with chips of dark chocolate.

Bambino Smooth Milk Chocolate

A rich and bittersweet double Dutch chocolate gelato.

Bambino Choc Fudge Peanut Butter

Nutty peanut butter gelato with a choc fudge swirl.

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